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"N7 Paragon looking for his Quarian Engineer"

Profile Photo
Gender: Male
Looking For: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5' 7"
Location: Keewaydin, PA
Rating: (11 ratings)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Level of education: Some College
Relationship Status: Single
Have Children: No
Want Children: Yes
Employment: Full-time
Smoking habit: No
Alcohol use: None
Religion: Spiritual but not religious
Political: Middle of the road

My Description:

I'm a formerly-athletic super-geek. I am a physics and philosophy major and aspiring science fiction author, I make my living working as a business-to-business telemarketer by day, and save the world from dastardly evil villains by night, in-between gaming sessions, working on my book, and classes (though it's a challenge; villains are rarely accommodating of a person's schedule ;P ).

I was active in soccer, karate, camping/hiking, swimming and water-tubing through highschool, and still have the soccer-player's build, though I'm not as active and fit as I used to be. I still try to watch what I eat, and make some effort at exercise now and then, but I'm not that great at keeping at it on my own (so many distra- >.> Ooo, shiny!).

I'm a major sci-fi and fantasy and computer geek, and I love brains in a girl (mmm braaaaaaaiiinssss- er, ah, sorry ^_^; ). If you can get the geek references I throw out (or throw out some of your own), and/or understand the elegance of timeless physics, you score major points in my book. I'm a science/computer geek, and proud of it and love knowledge and the quest for the expansion of knowledge in general, as well as the pursuit of useless knowledge for the sake of useless knowledge (like the 27-page essay I recently wrote on the history of Star Trek starship design...). I'm opinionated and a contrarian - I have strong opinions on a lot of things, and I have an almost instinctive tendency to play devil's advocate, even against positions I strongly support (and yes, even while I'm supporting them...). I'm also not afraid of voicing my opinions, once you get me going (though I have a tendency to hold back to avoid inappropriate controversy, and sometimes too much so). I'm also weird and random, I like doing the proverbial equivalent of standing on the wall and looking at other people like they're the ones doing something weird, or standing on the ceiling and walking around shouting, "Why are you upside down, soldier?" I like to make jokes and witty remarks, some good, many not-so-good, and some crude (when not inappropriate). I love long discussions and debates, can and have written 10,000-word essays on Star Trek technology in a single afternoon (more than once...), and I have been known to become extremely frustrated with my philosophy class for running around patting each other on the back for agreeing with the philosopher-of-the-week.

Random smatterings of thoughts and self-description I haven't worked into the above yet:
I tend to be a gentleman / classic 'nice guy' in my general day-to-day, but I can be a real ass when I desire or am compelled to be. My co-workers are generally surprised when I curse or crack a dirty joke at work, a reaction I frequently get, but put me in a game of America's Army, and I will blister the ears off a seasoned sailor (for some reason that game in particular sets me to cursing up a storm, even when I'm having a lot of fun; I'll curse while playing other games, but nowhere near as much as when playing America's Army... I'm not sure why). I can also produce very scathing and biting remarks when compelled, but I have to be either very deeply hurt and/or insulted, or addressing someone I thoroughly despise or an arrogant jerk/***hole who deserves to be cut off at the knees.

Related to the above, I'm generally an honest person, and anyone who knows me well enough can probably tell when I'm lying (I'm not terrible at it, but I'm not exactly great at it, either). And yes, I do lie sometimes (to claim otherwise would be, well, a lie). Generally I uphold and maintain a certain obligation to the truth - I'm training to be a scientist, and dishonesty is in many ways anathema to the core of my personality, but sometimes when playing strategy games with friends, or if I ever go to war with someone, I can be a real rat **stard.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. If I tell you something, there's a good chance I'm putting a lot of myself into it, and if it's of anything of significance or significant length there's a good chance I'm pouring my heart out. I do it a lot. I get burned and painfully disappointed a lot, too, but that's not going to stop me. It's who I want to be, and if I ever became so bitter or scheming that I stopped, I would probably despise myself.

If you ever want to learn a lot about me, and how crazy I am (my own insanity is something I have openly maintained for quite some time), just ask me about it. It is a long story, though.

I write several-thousand-word essays on Star Trek technology and socio-political history for fun. My record for longest is an ~14,000-word, 27-page essay on the history of starship design in Star Trek, written from an in-universe perspective. My record for longest essay written in the shortest time is a 10,000-word essay on the operation of phaser arrays that I wrote in ~4 hours one afternoon. Yes, I'm THAT kind of Star Trek geek. =D

I'm actually pretty shy, and I still have a few deep insecurities, I've just gotten really good at pretending I'm not.

I have very strong political and philosophical views, though I have little patience for radicals and fundamentalists of any stripe. I can ramble and/or rant at length about politics and philosophy, or extremism/fundamentalism in general, though I usually refrain from doing so because it is often discourteous to ramble/rant at people, and I don't like to be insulting or discourteous to anyone who doesn't thoroughly deserve it.

I thoroughly enjoy discussing and/or debating politics, philosophy, religion/theology, Star Trek lore, Star Trek vs assorted sci-fi franchises, and a myriad of other things. I can get pretty passionate about all of the above, and I can be very confident in many of the conclusions I have drawn/argue for because I tend to have a lot of support for them, but I prefer [i]civil[/i] discussion and debate to childish argument. I can get heated and passionate, but I still try to maintain [i]mature[/i] discussion. Few things spoil a discussion of philosophy or a Star Trek vs Star Wars debate than someone flaming into childish ad hominem attacks...

I support the Star Alliance and have enlisted in the war against Twilight and sparkly vampires (it's okay to be Takei!).

I am to be a renowned science fiction author, and my 'flagship' story is a high-brow science fiction novel series with a fantasy setting (though that changes somewhat later in the series), and I currently have 35 out of the probably 40 novels at least roughly summarized. One of my ultimate life goals is to surpass Isaac Asimov as the most prolific science fiction author in history.

I have been half-jokingly toying with the idea of running for President since I was 15 or so.

I want to be a starship captain when I grow up.

Quick Update: In lieu of an actual space exploration fleet that I can sign up for, and to facilitate paying for my pursuit of a PhD in physics and philosophy, I have enlisted in the US Navy. I don't have a definite ship date yet (my current contract is temporary, a place-holder pending completion of additional paperwork, etc. for my desired job), but it will probably be sometime between now and September. Unless the Navy doesn't work for me, I intend to make it a career, to become a commissioned officer before the end of my first enlistment period, and to eventually obtain my own command (preferably, a nuclear cruiser or battleship with railguns, lasers, and fusion reactors, but we shall see).

I am still looking for a relationship, but fair warning: Sometime within the next year I will be mostly out of contact for about three months while I go through Basic, after which I will have limited control of where I live, and after completing A school, I will periodically be gone for several months at a time while deployed at sea.

My Match Description:

I am looking for someone who is compassionate and caring, kind and understanding, but who won't hesitate to stand up for what she believes in or what she thinks is right. Someone who is intelligent and adventurous; someone I can geek out with, on whatever interests we share, and who will push me to keep up on a hike. I'm looking for someone always willing to smile, someone who can take things seriously while still making jokes, and still looking to the bright side. An idealist and hopeless romantic, someone who looks at the stars and dreams of all the wonders the world can hold, and that can be accomplished. Someone who shares some of my interests, but who can also show me new things, who I can show new things to, and someone I can go off with to find completely new things with together.

For me, physical attraction is not insignificant, I want to be with someone I'm attracted to, but WHO you are, your beauty as a person, is much more important to me than what you look like.

Since I am enlisting in the Navy, it is important to note that any long-term relationship will require acceptance of and support for my naval career. That's the direction I've set for my life, and dating a sailor isn't always easy. Understanding that is going to be important for any successful relationship.

My Likes

Areas of interest
  • Computers
  • Fantasy
  • Film
  • Literature
  • Monty Python
  • Music
  • Online Gaming
  • Politics
  • Role Playing
  • Science
  • Science Fiction
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • Trivia
  • Video Games
  • Goth
  • Cosplay

Other things about me

Body type
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