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The cake is a lie...

"Be not ashamed of your geekiness. Embrace it!"

Profile Photo
Gender: Female
Looking For: Male
Age: 33
Height: 5' 6"
Location: Arlington, VA
Rating: (116 ratings)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Level of education: Master's Degree
Relationship Status: Single
Have Children: No
Want Children: Yes
Employment: Full-time
Smoking habit: No
Alcohol use: Socially
Religion: Christian/Catholic
Political: Liberal

My Description:

An 8-bit Nintendo and a Japanese-region PS2 (plus 5 other gaming consoles), shoeboxes full of DC and Marvel, a bookcase overflowing with manga and Orson Scott Card and Neil Gaiman, LOTR Risk...that's my apartment in a nutshell (and I haven't even started on the dvds).

Want to debate who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Superman? I'm game. Want to go shoot some zombies? Locked and loaded. I may insist that Japanese voice actors improve the quality of RPGs, or that, in the new ST movie, the Enterprise would *totally* have fallen into that vortex the second they ejected the warp core (hello? maximum warp was the only thing keeping them stationary!), but feel free to contradict me, because discussing geeky topics with other like-minded individuals is a ton of fun.

Oh yeah, the actual description part: I am blond, green eyes, have an MA in East Asian studies, speak Japanese and German, did Judo for 2 years, enjoy a good pun.

My Match Description:

If you love to laugh, we'll get along fine. I want someone to hike in the Canadian Rockies with me, or get sushi in Roppongi, or provide me a challenge in Mariokart.

I would love to meet someone for whom I don't have to use verbal footnotes. It's nice to be on the same page, no explanations needed, when my train of thought jumps around from one nerdy reference to another.

My Likes

Areas of interest
  • Anime
  • Cartoons
  • Comics
  • Fantasy
  • Film
  • Harry Potter
  • Literature
  • Monty Python
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Role Playing
  • Science Fiction
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • Super Heroes
  • Tolkien
  • Video Games
  • Vampire
  • Zombie
  • Werewolves
  • Paranormal

Other things about me

Body type
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