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"I love all that is geeky, And I have fangs"

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Gender: Male
Looking For: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5' 11"
Location: bristol, bristol, GB
Rating: (13 ratings)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Level of education: Some College
Relationship Status: Single
Have Children: No
Want Children: Not sure
Employment: Full-time
Smoking habit: No
Alcohol use: Socially
Political: Middle of the road

My Description:

I am very much a nerd, but I got other sides to me so its not all comics and anime and games with me :)
I can talk for hours about one thing but I can listen for longer.
I have a show on youtube (The anime chair) and I hope to one day make that my job but for now I'm a cleaner.
I read and collect comics mostly green lantern among anything that looks good in store, true it did end with a shelf of comics landing on me at 2 AM.
I do watch alot on anime (seeing as I need to for my youtube show) The list is way to long for here so feel free to ask. Along anime I do love a good movie as well, such as superhero movies and si-fi and lot of kid movies (Up being in my top 5) Oh and LOTR and such.
When it comes to music, well Its fast to say what I do not like I do not like many dubstep and do not like R&B and such.

I like to think im a nice guy who dose try to keep my friends happy. I can be abit odd at times but in a good way, so if you see me in a ironman helmet do not worries . I do love to cosplay and do it when ever I can with my friends. The best place you will find me is in the toy store (like nerf guns are ment for kids) or at the comics shops.

My Match Description:

Some one who likes a night in playing games or watching a good movie. not to say I do not like to go out. Some one I can talk to about geeky stuff and invite to play D&D with me. some one who will jump in there seat with me if we see a epic movie trailer. Some one who will beg me to trade cards with me. Some on to bring with me to buy comics as we sit for a hot coco, tea or coffee and read them after.

My Likes

Areas of interest
  • Anime
  • Card games
  • Cartoons
  • Comics
  • Computers
  • Fantasy
  • Film
  • Harry Potter
  • Hitchhiker's Guide
  • Monty Python
  • Music
  • Online Gaming
  • Puzzles
  • Role Playing
  • Science
  • Science Fiction
  • Simpsons
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • Super Heroes
  • Tolkien
  • Trivia
  • Video Games
  • Emo
  • Goth
  • Vampire
  • Zombie
  • Werewolves
  • Paranormal
  • Doctor Who
  • LARP
  • Cosplay

Other things about me

Body type
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